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Help & Save Sarah

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Hi, my name is Uroos Atif. On February 8th my seven year old daughter Sarah was diagnosed with Diffused Midline Glioma which is the most aggressive forms of brain cancer.

She has had one brain surgery for biopsy and hydrocephalus. She is currently going through radiotherapy at UCLH.
DMG is a terminal (inoperable and untreatable), aggressive brain tumour. 1% of children make it 5 years with this condition from diagnosis, and the average time is just 9 months.
We are trying to raise as much money as possible so Sarah can have the ONC201.
This drug can kill cancer cells and may be effective in patients with a specific genetic mutation in their tumor: the H3 K27M mutation. The treatment of ONC201 costs a lot. This drug ONC201 (is not provided in the UK) which may be helpful to save her life or even prolong it from this tumour. We have to take Sarah to USA to get this drug.
Our ultimate goal is to spend as much time with Sarah and to make her happy and comfortable. Your contribution will greatly help Sarah. Your support and well wishes are appreciated.
We plan to do everything we can to fight this!
Please remember our dear Sarah in your prayers.
With sincere gratitude,

Sarah, getting ready for Radiotherapy.
Thank you to everyone who has helped in any way. We still have a long way to go but this will help us focus on what’s important, getting Sarah better.
The overwhelming support and well wishes from everyone all around has been unbelievable.
In Sarah’s case “Time is the essence” Thank you again everyone for your words of encouragement, hope, and prayer.
The Atif family see’s and feels your support and love!
We are in talks with few of the hospital in Netherlands to get ONC201 treatment.
We have found out one more therapy which may be helpful for Sarah.
Will update more once we get any concrete response/outcome.

Sarah, after radiotherapy today.
 Sarah have reached half-way through her radiotherapy.