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2022/04/08- Iftaar

On the 8th of April Mustafia Sharif Charity, alongside Organic Soul, Guidance Hub and IEPR held an Open Iftaar in the heart of Manchester City centre. People from all backgrounds and faiths were welcome to come listen to special speakers and enjoy a warm Iftaar. Events like this are important when it comes to building interfaith relationships and gaining a better understanding of each other. Community bonds are at the heart of what we do and our aims for the future, find out more about Mustafia Sharif Charity:


Donate to fund a Masjid on behalf of the late Fizza Ahmed today

Do you want to join us in paying tribute to the recent passing of a co-worker and friend, Fizza Ahmed? Fizza Ahmed was a valued member of the Mustafia Sharif Organisation. I have only known her a few years, and the things she has done for our charity have been fantastic in this short period. We truly have some terrific memories, laughter, and great discussions, and we managed to share many things. As a volunteer for our charity, she made many significant changes and was dedicated to our charity. Thank you in advance for your contribution to this cause which means so much to me. She will forever be remembered, and we wanted to honour this by funding and building a masjid and water project in Fizza Ahmed’s name. This will not only honour her, but it will also help the deprived communities in the countries we work in to be able to pray in a holy environment and have access to clean water. £10000 will allow our charity to fund and build these projects.
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