About Us

We are working as a Charity based Organisation, doing our charity work since 2008 to help benefit the community. We consider every member of the society has obligation towards its members and by providing help and support to them we can fulfill their duty.

The inspiration for this charity comes from our beloved Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him. He chose to live a simple life whilst sharing and giving to other people. Whether they were companions, family or even strangers, He always shared whatever was within his means. Our organisation aims to be run in a similar way; with simplicity to allow us to share our resources with those in need. We want to use local resources to deliver help where it is needed.

Through our charity work, we aim to provide Help, Guidance and Awareness in the field of Health, Education, Women Empowerment and Community based support services not only in UK but around the Globe.



NHS is working day and night and we are extending our support to them by providing them medical supplies and home cooked food packages.

We have arranged a Creative Composition Contest amongst Children to show their gratitude for NHS.

Self-Isolation is causing depression and anxiety our volunteers are available on phone calls to help and support vulnerable members of the community. 

House bound and self-isolating people need help and support in this difficult time our volunteers are delivering door to door services of food and supplies to them.

Our Volunteers are providing food to homeless regularly in Manchester Piccadilly Gardens.

We delivered food to homeless every Fridays opposite Morrison. But now in this pandemic we aim to provide food three days a week.

Financial support is provided to all the vulnerable members of the community who are not able to cope up with their finances.

This support is provided in terms of house rent, food, and supplies.