Mustafia Sharif Charity

Give The Gift Of Life With Clean Drinking Water

In our mission of creating a healthier, more sustainable world, we actively work towards providing access to safe drinking water through various water projects in underdeveloped regions. Our water project provides sustainable water solutions through hand pumps, wells, the Summer Pump, TubeWell, and purification systems. We’ve completed 150+ projects globally and continue to work hard to make a difference in the lives of people who struggle to access this essential resource. With your support, we can continue to bring hope and help to communities in need and ensure that everyone has access to clean and safe water.

Hand Pump

“Pumping Up Empowerment”

In our Hand Pump initiative, we focus on installing cost-effective and reliable hand pumps to provide direct access to groundwater for communities in need. This simple yet impactful solution empowers these communities by ensuring a consistent and reliable source of clean water and promoting self-sufficiency and overall well-being. 

Water Well

“Dig Deep for Clean Water”

Our Water Well initiative is dedicated to constructing wells that serve as vital sources of clean water for communities facing water scarcity. Through this effort, we aim to bring lasting hope and resilience to these areas by establishing reliable infrastructure that supports the well-being of individuals and families.

Summer Pump

“Beat the Heat with Safe Water”

During the dry summer months, water scarcity becomes a pressing issue. With our Summer Pump initiative, we install solar-powered water pumps to ensure communities have access to clean water even in the hottest of seasons. This initiative not only promotes hydration but also contributes to the overall health of communities.

Water Filtration Plant

“Purify for a Healthier Community”

Under the Water Filtration Plant initiative, we focus on installing filtration systems to provide entire communities with access to purified water. This effort is aimed at improving the health and well-being of communities by ensuring that the water they consume is free from contaminants.

TubeWell with Solar Panels

“Water for All, and Forever”

The TubeWell With Solar Panels initiative is designed to provide a sustainable and reliable supply of clean water to remote areas. By installing tube wells powered by solar panels, we aim to create a lasting solution that ensures access to clean water for generations to come, fostering resilience and promoting community well-being.

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