Mustafia Sharif Charity

Gift the Future, Gift an Education

Education stands as a beacon of hope, a catalyst for change that can uplift individuals and entire communities. We believe in the transformative power of education and strive to break the cycle of poverty by providing access to quality learning opportunities.

We also believe that education is a fundamental human right and an essential tool for creating positive change. That’s why we have launched several educational projects to support individuals and communities in need. Our educational projects focus on providing access to quality education, training, and resources to empower individuals to unlock their full potential and transform their lives.

Child Education Programme

In our Child Education Programme, we are dedicated to providing quality education to children who face barriers to accessing or affording education. Our schools in underprivileged areas of Africa and Pakistan are designed to nurture young minds and provide them with a solid foundation for a better future.

Adult Education Programme

Our Adult Education Programme focuses on providing educational and training opportunities for adults, particularly women, who may have missed out on formal education. This initiative aims to empower adults by enhancing their skills, opening new opportunities, and improving their overall quality of life.

Vocational Training Programme

Through our vocational training programme, we strive to equip individuals with the practical skills needed for various careers. Emphasising hands-on training and practical experiences, this initiative aims to prepare individuals for meaningful employment and economic independence.

Short Courses Programme

Our Short Courses Programme offers accessible and affordable learning opportunities for individuals of all ages and backgrounds. From computer skills and digital marketing to freelancing and web development, these short-term courses provide valuable knowledge and open doors to new possibilities.

Our Feature Campaigns

Sponsor A Child

“Give a child the gift of education”

Our donors can provide financial support to needy children, allowing them to attend school and receive an education they may not have access to otherwise. By sponsoring a child, donors can help break the cycle of poverty and give a child a brighter future. Join us in sponsoring a child and making a difference in their life.

Sponsor A Teacher

“Invest in education and invest in the future”

This campaign is all about supporting educators, who are the backbone of the educational system. By sponsoring a teacher, donors can ensure that quality education is accessible to more children, which can have a positive ripple effect throughout their communities. Join us in this mission and sponsor a teacher today!

School Kit For A Kid

“Equip a child for success”


We need your support in providing basic school supplies to children who may not have access to them. By providing school kits, donors can help ensure that children have the tools they need to succeed academically. Help us provide basic school supplies to children in need.

Fund Adult Education

“Invest in life-long learning”

We also provide educational opportunities to adults, especially women, that they may not have had access to before. Funding adult education programmes can help adults acquire new skills and knowledge, opening up new career and life opportunities. Join us in funding adult education programmes and creating a safe and empowering space for people in need.

Build A School

“Constructing Dreams, Building Futures”

We are aiming to build more schools and educational spaces in communities where there is a lack of educational infrastructure. By supporting the construction of a new school, donors can help provide children with a safe and nurturing environment to learn and grow. Join us in the mission of transforming lives through education.