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Frequently Asked Questions

Let us answer any questions you have about Mustafia Sharif Charity

What are the different ways of doing charity?

There are many ways of doing charity such as donating money, food items, home essentials as well as you could participate by giving your time and skills. You could also do fundraising.

What type of items can I donate?

Following are the items you can donate:

  • Food items (preferably packed things)
  • Quilts/ Blankets, Pillows, Bed Covers
  • Shoes
  • Accessories (toys, books, gadgets)
  • Homeware Essentials
Where can I make a donation of clothes and essentials?

All of these items could be arranged for donations across the UK and Pakistan. Please contact us at [email protected] or 0044 7578608135.

How could money be donated?

It could be safely donated via online bank transfer, cheques, cash as well through our website.

Could I make anonymous donations?

Absolutely, yes can. At the time of making donations, just leave your name box blank.

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