International projects

International projects

International projects

Helping those in our international projects since 2008; Zakat, Khairat, Sadakat, Hadia, Atiat and Lilah

Mustafia Sharif is a registered Charity in the UK and has served the international community since 2008. We work with disenfranchised and deprived communities, empowering them through various activities and projects. Your Zakat helps us to support these individuals.

What we do

Every day, people are living in an environment that does not care for their needs. Hungry. Thirsty. Cold. These adjectives could be used to describe this situation. The fact that people are living without essential food, water or shelter is horrendous, however Mustafia Sharif has the target of helping eliminate that.

With your donations, your Zakat, Khairat, Sadakat, Hadia, Atiat and Lilah everyone living in impoverished areas and poverty can be given a chance at life. A chance to self-sustain themselves, to live with a basic level of respect that everyone should have. That children may be given an education, and adults the chance to run their own businesses in a society that they would not have been given the chance otherwise.

Mustafia Sharif gives assistance to a wide international range of people, a wide range of countries; fundraising and helping the less fortunate. The impact of your donations cannot be overstated, we thank you for anything you have done to help our various causes. You have given others a chance at a proper future, of success and dignity. You can be part of the people who are helping the homeless, the poor and needy (on ramadan and beyond).

Person painting a water pump

Water projects

The average human can survive without water for 3 days. Only 3 days! many people are unable to manage to get any water in that amount of time, or if they can, have to walk miles just for a small amount of water, which is so important that the UN has stated that water is a fundamental right for every human being on the planet, yet many don’t have access.

Water pumps are one of the biggest priorities, providing everyone in our international target areas (rural or otherwise) the ability to alleviate some suffering in their lives.

Outside of food, this is the most important target for Mustafia Sharif. Why not help the suffering with your zakat, by donating to our water projects?

Children studying inside

Educational projects

Knowledge is like a flame. Once it starts it can self-sustain itself and create more. More knowledge, more education. Teach one person, and they teach others. Think about how many people could have ideas to change their local community or even the entire world, but have not been fortunate enough to get the education to realize this potential

Teaching people, especially young people, helps feed a cycle of success which feeds into all aspects of international society- businesses, critical thinking, equality, understanding and respect, advancing the town, cities, country as a whole, educating and helping others. While food, water, and shelter are essential for surviving, education is essential for thriving.

Historically, wealth and quality of life has increased the more a population is educated.

Not only is education good for helping an individual help grow internally, and help others, but provides a community space for socialisation. For the youth particularly, social spaces and interaction is highly important for emotional and social growth, and is one of the important human needs.

Whilst certain programs can ignore this out of a certain pragmaticism, Mustafia Sharif does take this into consideration and considers it very important, granting youth activities to schools.

Children eating at school

Food projects

Starving and tired. Both of these are used to describe too many people living in the world who go without food for days, or are reduced to having to scrounge for scraps that would get them sick.

You can help us give people internationally the food that they need to continue living, to continue surviving. Food also provides a means to come together, socialise, share and talk, one of the few ways people in rural, poor, developing, regions have as a break from life.

Our food aid not only makes sure that we can help solve world hunger, which has been said to be one of the biggest problems of the modern world, but considers dietery restrictions, such as alergies, ethics, religious considerations as well as making sure a variety of foods are given to prevent diet-related diseases.

With your zakat, world hunger will shrink into history.

Children eating at school

Shelter homes

Everyone deserves a home. Not just a house, but a home. A place they can call their own. A place where they can have privacy, personal freedom. The impact of giving people the shelter they deserve on mental health, thus greater chance at success, is immesurable.

You can donate now to make sure that people in our international areas are shelted from the elements which would harm them otherwise, every day. Houses can be a space for the community to come together where people might not be able to afford otherwise.

Person painting a water pump

Emergency / disaster relief

There are times where everyone will have unfortunate circumstances happen to them. Some more than others. These are desperate times for too many people in poorer, dismantled areas. With your help, we can rebuild the lives and livelihood that were lost.

Every human deserves a safety net. Something to catch you when something goes wrong. Yet unfortunately, there are places where people aren’t so fortunate. These people are in desperate need of some sort of support, some sort of reassurance that someone cares for them enough to help them.

Your zakat would be used to make sure that those in desperate situations can recover as much as possible, through medicine and clothing donations that we purchase and send internationally to those in need.

We purchase from the UK as well as local businesses to do this, supporting local economies.

Person in a store

Small business grants

“We want something else. Those who really want to help us can give us plows, tractors, fertilizer, insecticide, watering cans, drills, dams. That is how we define food aid. Those who come with wheat, millet, corn or milk, they are not helping us”- Thomas Sankara

The best type of donation is one which gives people the chance at self-sustaining themselves, what happens when the generosity stops, for whatever reason? Now these people are left with nothing.

Helping people out with food, water, shelter. All of these are essential, but giving people the capital to start their own business, then they can sustain themselves more, they can create an economy, they can develop their community, and provide for their community.

Self-sufficiency and self-determination are incredibly important for helping those who cannot help themselves otherwise.

Two houses

Masjid project

The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said: “Whoever builds a mosque for Allah, Allah will build for him likewise in Paradise.” [Sahîh al-Bukhârî and Sahîh Muslim]

Having a place of worship is vital for religious believers. It provides people with the opportunity to feel closer to Allah, meet others with the same beliefs, and feel like a part of a community of believers who regularly come together to express their faith.

The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), “Whoever relieves the hardship of a believer in this world, Allah will relieve his hardship on the Day of Resurrection. Whoever helps ease one in difficulty, Allah will make it easy for him in this world and the Hereafter.”

Many people in deprived communities do not have easy access to a masjid. Some have to walk miles to pray; this is especially important. During Ramadan, without a masjid, people can only pray alone and not receive any benefits from praying with others. By building a masjid for those in need, you are helping bring life back to the community.

Whilst our Masjid projects are completed, you can still support us in many other projects through zakat. Help yourself in this life and the next by helping others internationally worship today.

Malnourished Somalian

Somalia drought

After more than two decades of conflict, recurrent climate disasters and outbreaks of disease, including the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, the humanitarian situation in Somalia was already dire. Even before the current drought, an estimated 7.7 million Somalis were in desperate need of humanitarian assistance. Pictured here you can see the impacts of this drought on this gentleman who is skin and bone, severely malnourished. The current drought has wiped out crop harvests and livestock dying due to a lack of water and pasture, depriving many pastoral communities of their only source of income. The country has seen three consecutive failed rainy seasons. The fourth, which is supposed to start in April and continue through June, is also projected to be below average.

The United Nations and its partners have been heavily engaged in providing humanitarian support. According to the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA), Somalia is currently one of the most severely drought-impacted country in the Horn of Africa. Some 4.5 million Somalis are directly affected by the drought, and about 700,000 people have been displaced. Without the support from the UN and other non-profit organisations like ourselves, these people would not have even the smallest slither of hope.

Donate to fund a Masjid on behalf of the late Fizza Ahmed today

Do you want to join us in paying tribute to the recent passing of a co-worker and friend, Fizza Ahmed? Fizza Ahmed was a valued member of the Mustafia Sharif Organisation. I have only known her a few years, and the things she has done for our charity have been fantastic in this short period. We truly have some terrific memories, laughter, and great discussions, and we managed to share many things. As a volunteer for our charity, she made many significant changes and was dedicated to our charity. Thank you in advance for your contribution to this cause which means so much to me. She will forever be remembered, and we wanted to honour this by funding and building a masjid and water project in Fizza Ahmed’s name. This will not only honour her, but it will also help the deprived communities in the countries we work in to be able to pray in a holy environment and have access to clean water. £10000 will allow our charity to fund and build these projects.
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