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British Muslim Heritage Centre
College Road Whalley Range
Manchester M16 8BP

+44 1617183292

International Projects

What We Do

Every day, people are living in an environment that does not care for their needs. Hungry. Thirsty. Cold. These adjectives could be used to describe this situation. The fact that people are living without essential food, water or shelter is horrendous, however Mustafia Sharif has the target of helping eliminate that.

With your donations, your Zakat, Khairat, Sadakat, Hadia, Atiat and Lilah everyone living in impoverished areas and poverty can be given a chance at life. A chance to self-sustain themselves, to live with a basic level of respect that everyone should have. That children may be given an education, and adults the chance to run their own businesses in a society that they would not have been given the chance otherwise.

Mustafia Sharif gives assistance to a wide international range of people, a wide range of countries; fundraising and helping the less fortunate. The impact of your donations cannot be overstated, we thank you for anything you have done to help our various causes. You have given others a chance at a proper future, of success and dignity. You can be part of the people who are helping the homeless, the poor and needy (on ramadan and beyond).

Food Projects

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